AboutYour best is always good enough.  Some are always givers and othersothers are always takers. When you have given your best, no one, not even self can expect more. This past weekend I saw my Silsbee High School basketball team apex!!! They brought everything they had to the court. They carried the weight of an anxious, awaiting hometown crowd. They carried the expectations of strangers and scouts focused for expertise. And they had the naysayers nonfactors awaiting. Carrying these challenges they ran the Alamodome like it has never been run before. Not by college players nor professional athletes had such electricity shocked the venue. #Tigernation16 was in full effect. #3, our beloved freshman,  Devon McCain hits the floor motionless. Carried away with an unknown fate, the best of their best electrifies the court with a newer, more vigorous vitality towards victory to honor their brother of their #Tigernation16 brotherhood. After tying the game from a 17 point deficit we fell short on the scoreboard but victory of our best shall never be questioned nor forgotten. The best team in the nation is remembered not by its score but by its best!!!